Securely, timely and environmentally sensitive disposal of computer equipment is a major challenge for all organizations nowadays. Just as it's critical to set up and configure an asset for use, it's vital that it is decommissioned appropriately both in order to eliminate risk and to ensure maximum return of investment. An organization's data represents its greatest asset. When disposing of unwanted IT equipment, there is a significant risk that this data may fall into the wrong hands. Our work process and mission is to decommission your obsolete IT gear safely and securely. At eRecure the employees are fully trained and goes through regular background check to be sure they can handle security procedures for the classified data and information destruction.


Our standardized policies, procedures and training guarantee destruction exceeding mandatory legal guidelines. eRecure hard drive shredding process has been certified using classified recovery methods. At eRecure, HDD shredding is performed by trained technicians who have undergone background checks, signed confidentiality agreements and passed the government check. Nowadays disc shredding size is critically important. Our advanced shredder which is self-contained and self-powered in our warehouses, allows us to shred hard drives down quickly and throughly. The shredding process not only shreds the metal but, by forcing it through the cutters and screens, it also compacts the hard drive rendering it completely unrecoverable. We ensure your hard drives are properly destroyed before being discarded and you are always provided a detailed certificate of destruction.


The destruction of data should be the first priority when preparing to dispose or renew electronic assets. Degaussing is the guaranteed form of hard drive erasure, as such; it serves as the standard method of data destruction. Our hard drive degaussing is the exposure of HDD to the alternating magnetic fields that overwrite original information with random empty patterns destroying all the data. eRecure's degausser erases data by generating a magnetic field so powerful that it permanently removes the magnetic memory from the iron oxide or chromium dioxide coatings which completely removes and randomizes the recorded data pattern. The degaussed HDD cannot be reused. This is because the degaussing process not only removes all the data and information, but it also removes the start up files. As such, a degaussed hard drive will never boot up.

Data Wiping

To protect sensitive, proprietary information and personal data the hard disk drives needs to be permanently wiped. It is not enough to simply erase the HDD data by traditional methods like deleting files or old fashioned formatting. Nowadays the deleted information can be recovered by smart data recovery softwares. eRecure is providing comprehensive data wipes as part of our spectrum of electronic waste recycling services. Our pledge is to protect the hard drive data in the afterlife of obsolete IT hardware. We provide our clients on-site and off-site secure data destruction. Our data erasure (NIST Standard Data Wipe) is the process that permanently deletes all the information and data from the hard disk drive making it impossible to retrieve. This goes beyond simple formatting, especially in cases where highly sensitive data is involved. In this process the disk is not physically destroyed making it reusable for refurbishing and resale purposes. Based on client's requirement we also provide degaussing and physical shredding of hard drives.