eRecure has grown from the humble beginnings, commencing operations as a start-up opportunity to a strong and profitable business with a consistent annual turnover.

Our business model delivers:

  • Timely Quotation and commitment to process IT assets
  • Prompt collection, testing, and financial settlement
  • Comprehensive IT hardware asset management, reporting and logistics
  • PC Refurbishment and warranty services
  • Re-marketing across America and around the world

Things to know about Us

  • Our client privacy policy ensures that client list is strictly confidential. Importantly, we avoid all conflicts of interest
  • The guarantee of our company viability is through its strong steady growth from solid foundations
  • There are no current or pending legal actions against our company
  • To read our human rights social responsibility policy ask any representative

Adhering to the standards is our business goal. Being internationally ISO and OHSAS Certified Recycler we are an industry leader in operations, health & safety, and environmental performance for handling end of use or life computers and secure data destruction. Certified Recyclers undergo stringent and rigorous evaluation in various areas by third party independent institutions. To maintain this high standard, we are audited regularly and always open for learning new things in industry. 

eRecure consultant provides a clear understanding of clients project requirements and offer advice to their resource or deliverable requirements. This process allows us to build a timeline and the skilled talent pools tailored to service your demands across metro, regional and remote locations. Utilizing our long standing networks, eRecure is able to proactively source and manage key resources and their schedules. This is in contrast to being reactive to a market in which you are able to call on the skills available in the current market. In knowing the path ahead, eRecure is able to manage the schedules and expectations that are required for your project. Understanding the scope ensures eRecure provide a high-quality and cost effective service that our partners can utilize with no obligation to make sure that projects are delivered on time. eRecure has advanced into nation's leading e-recycling company because client ambition is our priority. We have always conveyed when our clients asked for an easy and quick way to dispose of IT equipment with highest financial returns and nominal environmental after-effects. With our solitary sales design we promise delivery of remarkable dollar value for our clients. The core is that we re-market your end of life IT equipment for more with quick turnover and least costs. Our crystal clear process includes fast and prompt access to our secured online system which helps accumulation and tracking as well as allowing clients to track their equipment throughout the whole process. At eRecure we understand that security and strict policy is essential. Our staff is extensively referenced to ensure your data is protected. Ongoing training ensures all staff deliver competent and effective service. Post decommissioning process you will receive a comprehensive Asset Report, Data Erasure and Disposal Certifications.

Our state-of-the-art, highly secured facilities are tailored for the receipt, decommissioning and disposal of massive volumes of electronic waste. The power generator backed operations are specifically designed to perform uninterrupted data erasure and asset management. Warehouse is secured and protected by various parameters. All the processing areas are video recorded and monitored round the clock. eRecure was established to meet increasing customer demand for Secure Data Erasure and Highest Financial Rebate with Flawless Environmental IT hardware recycling for critical ICT systems.